A good week of training, and now, off to climb a mountain!

Since our Lakeview trip last Sunday, we’ve had  pretty good week of training! It’s great having Rick here as a training partner, and Jeni was back (yay!) as of Tuesday, at least for three days.

Monday, Rick and Dave staged an impromptu “Duathlon” race… actually, Dave was planning on a gentle, semi-easy “bike-run-bike” as a recovery from Sunday, and Rick went and got all competitive! Basically, we did three 6 mile loops, biking the first, running the second and biking the third. After the first bike loop, which was pretty quick, Rick took off out of the transition area like a madman, just as Dave was pulling in. Well, fine, then… Dave took off intent on tracking Rick down, and we ended up doing our first mile in 7:30ish or so. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good, and kept the pace up, finishing the loop in 48:26, one of my fastest, especially with the heat. The third bike leg was pretty good.

Rick is a really good descender, on foot or on a bike, but Dave is a bit better going up, and, like you see in the Tour d’ France, ultimately, the climbers seem to come out on top… I guess you can lose more time in a long up than in a long down.

Tuesday, We made the trip in to Cheney to see Jeni, and rent some gear for this weekend’s adventure (more on that in a minute).

Dave forgot the bikes, so we decided to do a hilly run through the foothills near Cheney. It was just shy of 90 degrees, and bit breezy, which was a blessing. We started out pretty easy, and did the first 3 miles in 27:00 flat. On the way back, it was every FART for themselves, according to how they felt. Dave felt pretty good, and ran the 3 miles back in 24:00, and then we finished with the tough climb up to the water tower. 6:34 miles should be good for the day, right? Well, When we got home Lisa wanted to go out for a run, and so we ended up running down to Silverwood and back, another 7.6 miles, for a 14 mile day! It was Lisa’s longest run since Bloomsday, and she did great, though her knee is still giving her some problems. I think it’s an IT band thing, as does Jeni, so she needs to do some preventative massage/rolling to loosen it up.

Wednesday, Jeni drove out to FARTquarters, and she and Dave biked up the big mountain (19.5 miles), working a bit with the new towing system, which Jeni really likes, too, and then as they were waiting for Rick and Lisa to get home from the gym, did 8 x 400 meter runs with a different upper body exercise after each length. When the others arrived, we did a ride to Farragut, where we did some single track, totaling another 11 miles or so. Wednesday evening, Dave cooked a nice dinner, and we all dozed, watching the Olympics… a pretty good evening, if I do say so myself!

Thursday morning, Jeni dragged Dave back to Farragut, where we did a very nice run up the mountian, working with using hiking poles. Let me tell you, I’m sold! They made it WAY easier on both the ups, and especially the downs, once you got the rythym figured out. This could be the answer to Dave’s descent problems, as he flew down the hill today. Jeni said that even Andy would have been impressed! It’s nice, because the mountain, that not too long ago was out of reach as far as running it nonstop is concerned is now pretty manageable, though it’s still a challenge.

Rick “missed” the morning training, but he and Dave will likely do some biking etc a bit later.

Tomorrow, Lisa, Morgen, Rick and Dave are joining a couple members of the mountaneering club and are climbing Mt. Adams, ice axes, crampons and all. It’s pretty exciting, as Dave hasn’t done any of this since college (back in the dark ages), and Lisa never has. We’ve got our gear ready, and will leave here tomorrow late morning, climb Saturday, camp at 10,000 feet Saturday evening, summit Sunday morning, and drive back. Should be a blast!

Looking forward to the variety in training, and the new experience! I’ll post the results when we get back down to Earth!

Good training,all!



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