running adds 16yrs to life

a … study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine documents how the docs started tracking runner and non-runners over age 50 in 1984 and compared their health and death stats once a year for the next 20+ years. Here’s the lowdown on their findings:

– After almost 20 years, 34 percent of the nonrunners had died, compared to 15 percent of runners.

– The runners’ initial bouts of disabilities connected with aging (osteoarthritis, cardiovascular issues, and other issues) kicked in 16 years later than nonrunners.

– Concerns about older age runners developing greater rates of osteoarthritis from all that pounding are unfounded—runners don’t need more knee replacements than nonrunners.

– Running into the 80’s still produces positive and dramatic health benefits compared to nonrunners.


(via The Adventure Blog)


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