gear list for Big Blue race

from the official website:

Mandatory Gear:

To be carried by each competitor at ALL times:

• Backpack with or without water bladder
• Water
• Knife, fixed or locking blade

• Headlamp
• Survival mirror
• Whistle
• Fleece light weight long sleeve top
• Waterproof top outer layer, jacket or shell
• Space Blanket

Mountain Biking Equipment:

• Helmet that meets the ANSI or Snell safety standards

On Water Equipment:

• P.F.D. US Coast Guard Type III Life Jacket with whistle attached and visible

All Teams including Solo competitors to carry the following at ALL times:
• Pen or Pencil
• Two Compasses Note: Solo teams need only 1 compass
• Team First Aid Kit including:


Antiseptic wipes

Antibacterial Ointment

Anti-Inflammatory; Motrin, etc.




BAND-AIDS; fingertip, small butterfly

Sterile dressings & gauze

After bite sting relief

Adhesive tape

Recommended Gear:

• Additional “dry” racing garments
• Bandana-face mask
• Long pants for trekking sections
• Eye Drops/wash
• Flash light/batteries
• Straps/bungee
• Sunscreen
• Towel
• Waterproof map container/holder

• Hat, with visor
• Protective eyewear

• Wetsuit

Mountain Biking Equipment:

• Bikes Gloves

• Bike tools including; patch kit, pump/CO2, inner tubes, chain tool, allen keys, and tire irons.

Helpful Hints:

• Bring warm clothes for after the race

Forbidden Equipment:

• Cell Phone


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