Trying to get back at it, and various inspirations

Hi, everyone!


Long time no blog, it seems!

Quite a bit has happened here in the past while, so I’ll try to catch you up.

In early October, I was doing pretty well fitness-wise. I was getting in quite a bit of bike time, some good runs, etc. I then went out of town for 11 days, and despite exercising 8 of the days, it just wasn’t with the same intensity or volume, and while eating out often, and in a social setting, I actually gained 4 pounds from my 20 year low of 176, so I have been trying to get back at it seriously this week.

On Wednesday, I did perhaps the most difficult ride I have ever done, as I did the ride to Lakeview and back at a pretty brisk pace: 42 miles, 11,500 vertical feet in 4:07, which is 42 minutes faster than we did it earlier this summer. For those of you who haven’t got to experience this little gem, it’s just a darn difficult ride. The way back is pretty tough, with about 13 of the 21 miles uphill, including about 10 in a row.

My kness were a bit sore after, and Jeni thinks I might have a bit of suprapatellar bursitis, but I survived.

Today it was running’s turn, and I set my goals on getting in a long, steady run: I ended up doing an entire 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) in 1:57, or slightly under 9:00 minute miles, which with the three good hills isn’t too bad. I felt pretty good, and I’m prety sure I could have made an entire 26.2 if I had to.

I’ve been reading some great, inspirational books lately as well, starting with “Ultramarathon Man,” which Andy gave me. It’s a GREAT read, and has maybe started a bit of a bug in me… the author, Dean Karnazes is an AMAZING athlete, and the read is quick and compelling.

The next book in my stack happened to be Lance Armstrong’s book “Every Second Counts,” the followup to his best selling “It’s not about the bike.” I’m only a 3rd of the way into it, but it’s great! Very motivational, very inspiring, and a great look at the psyche of one of the most amazing athletes ever.

Both books have inspired me to “get up off my ass,” so to speak, and really dedicate myself to achieving my goals.

Other news…

Adventure Week is a Go!!

We did have to change the date to not conflict with Primal Quest, so we are now going to be on June 5 – 14, 2009. With that decided, we’re going to be moving forward at full speed! Todd is coming up next week to see some of the course, and I have the new TOPO software for maps.

Other big news:

For months now, I have been contemplating creating an “Adventure Academy” where folks can come out and learn some outdoor skills, whether its AR, or fishing, mountain biking, camping, etc, and I’ve decided to go for it!

“The Adventurous Life” will be up and operational (with any luck and a bit of investment dollars!) by summer 09. Hopefully, some or all of you will be available to be guides and instructors. I also hope to have a “Master Staff” of real experts such as Thomas, Don Mann, Ian Adamson etc to do a few weeks and teach US a bit more as well.

I’ll get more info out to all of you, but I’m hoping this will give us a chance to maybe make a few dollars by doing what we love.

Hope all is going well with you, and I’d love to hear how training is going… please post if you get a chance!

Best to all, and there may be a few other little tidbits of news in the next couple of weeks… 🙂



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