A couple of great workouts!

It’s been an up and down couple of weeks as far as workouts, with some great treks, and a couple of “slacker” days when I let stuff get in the way of working out the way I want.

Two weeks ago, Lisa and I started some exploring for the “Crux” Adventure Race route for Adventure Week 2009, coming up next June 5 – 14 by driving up to cape Horn Peak north of Bayview and going for a bit of a hike. The next day, I rode my bike up the 6.5 miles from Bayview to the top, and along the 3 Sister’s peak trail. It was an amazing ride, especially since when I got to about 3500 feet, it started snowing. It was one of the most peaceful, still rides I have ever donw, and from the time I was 1/2 way up the hill until I made it back down (as a complete mud-ball!) I didn’t see a car, building, person. It was awesome!

The next day, I went out for my first night-time “snow” run, and it was really kind of hauntingly beautiful! Your world kind of condenses down to the small circle of light from your headlamp, and before you know it, you’ve gone miles in your own little world. I loved it.

I have started back on my “aerobic base” phase, and have been putting in some mileage in hopes of trying to keep up with Andy and with the little bird in the back of my mind that is saying “…Marathon…”  “1/2 Ironman…”   “Primal Quest…”

I was able to get in a 1/2 marathon training run that felt pretty good, and then Todd came up for the weekend to do some course scouting for AW.

It was a great weekend! TJ, Jeni and I did a fair portion of the “Crucible” course, and Todd led us down the Bernard singletrack, showing us how a “real” mountain biker does it!

The next day, we scouted the planned XTERRA course, and it’s going to be terrific: fast, smooth, and just technical enough to be a real challenge.

This past weekend, Andy came to visit, and Jeni joined us for a little trek up the hill… I’m not sure Andy was quite prepared for how long and steep the “hill that never ends” really was, but he did awesome. We jiked Chilco, and then rode up to bernard Peak and singletracked down… 4:00 good hours of hard work, and even a little cramping, possibly due to a bit too much indulgence at the dinner party the night before…

Overall, not too bad. I’m just trying to keep up the mileage as the weather turns. Speaking of weather, we have had an AMAZING November. This week, we’ve had several days in the 50s, with essentially no precip. PERFECT training weather! Hoping it continues a few more days!

Hope everyone is doing well, and I wish you all the best!




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  1. Wow.

    Some nice workouts, Dave.

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