Adventure Week is a go!

The weeks of planning, hard work, meetings, emails and phone calls have paid off, and we’ve got ourselves a race!

Adventure Week 2009, June 5 – 14, 2009 at Farragut State Park in North Idaho will have 16 races, clinics, and even a couple of parties thrown in for fun!

We’ll be hosting FOUR adventure races; the Crux and the Crucible, two 8 – 12 hour races over some of the best territory you’ll ever find! The races can be done singly, or as a two day stage race (The combined series will be eleigible for “Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Series” points!). There will also be two accompanying sprint races of 2.5 – 4 hours each.

Not enough? How about an official XTERRA off-road triathlon! We’ll also have the “Gauntlet” short course tri.

Trail runs? The Beaches to Boulders Trail trek will include a 6k and a 12k run, and the “Deepwater” ultras will up the ante, with a trail marathon, a 50k and even a 50 mile trail run, that will be a qualifier for the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run!

The “Mad Dash” Mountain bike races will be 4 and 8 hour lap races around Farragut’s beautiful trails.

How about the “Adventure Kid’s Challenge?” This is a new event designed for kids only, and will include insrtuctional clinics as well as a race.

The “It’s only a Flesh Wound” orienteering meet will have four races, including a short, medium, long (classic) course, and even a 4 hour rogaine.

In all, it’s going to be a GREAT, busy week, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you, and hopefully having you around to help out a bit! It’s going to be pretty hectic!

The website is ! Please pass it on!!! Let’s make this the best outdoor event we can!


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