Thomas is a real inspiration!

This week, I got another opportunity to chat with Thomas Bastis, and once again, I hung up inspired.

Thomas was the first “legend” of AR we got to see in person. He is uber-experienced, having competed in many of the nation’s biggest events, including the unbelievably hot Primal Quest Utah, where temps soared to over 110 degrees! Thomas has been a huge help–a real mentor–to me, and has always been so generous with his time and advice. Perhaps best of all, he is truly humble about his accomplishments and his amazing abilities, and is so engaging because of it.

We were chatting about Adventure Week 2009, and he had some great suggestions, as usual. I am trying to figure how we can get him here to assist with the event, possibly by teaching the clinic for the Adventure Kids Challenge, as well as race in several different events.

Thomas and his team are scheduled to compete in PQ Badlands, and he was kind enough to share some of their strategy for preparing and building up to the 10 day “sufferfest,” and I finished the call for the first time actually leaning toward maybe someday doing PQ for real… probably not, but hey, if a team needs a man, I’m going to work to be as ready as I can!

Thanks again, Thomas! You are a real gentleman, not to mention an amazing athlete!


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