Talking to the Legends about Adventure Week 2009!

For someone who is a “people person,” today was a pretty good day from the Adventure Celebrity point of view…

As you probably know, we have been working pretty hard on getting Adventure Week 2009 set up, and a major part of that is getting some of the best teams and racers in the world to come and participate.

I’ve been in contact with several of the true legends of Adventure Racing and outdoor sports in general by email, but today, i got to spend almost 30 minutes talking Adventure racing in general, and Adventure Week in specific with Mike Kloser, captain of team Nike, and currently the world’s best racer, and I have a phone conference set up tomorrow with Ian Adamson, likely the world’s most successful racer ever!

Both are major idols of mine, and it was a real pleasure to talk to Mike! He was down to earth, funny, and a real gentleman, and best of all, he wants to come and race at Adventure Week 2009!

Yes, at this point, it looks like we’ll have Mike Klosr and Team Nike, Robyn Benincasa, Michael Tobin, Thomas Bastis, and quite possibly Dean Karnazes (winner of the “4 Deserts” Overall title, BTW… congrats, Karno! What an accomplishment!) and Ian Adamson! What a field!!

We are also holding on to the edge of our seats about some other BIG news, and will let you know as soon as we hear…

Stay tuned!


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