Happy Holidays to all of you!

Ho, ho, ho…

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that you all had a peaceful, happy and healthy Christmas and DBD day… (Dave’s Birthday Day). Yes, there’s nothing like having your birthday on December 26 when you’re a kid, but I must say, Lisa makes a marvelous effort to make my birthday special, and with all of the sales post Christmas, I’ve had some wonderful days.

This year, I received an REI gift card from my parents-in-law, and a Barnes and Noble card and some birthday cash from the Grandparents, so had a marvelous day hunting for exactly the correct loot… I ended up with the Jetboil combo with large pot, a cycling neon jacket/vest from REI, and a handful of terrific books from B&N.

We actually discussed NOT buying any real gifts prior, and just going out together the day after and enjoying the day… hmm… Speaking of Lisa, she and neo-baby are doing well. Hopefully, we’ll know the gender within a week or two, so you’ll know what color baby Salomans to buy!

Our Christmas was really delightful. With the economy taking its toll this year, we decided as a family to really cut back on gift giving, and instead concentrated on having a quality day, with a few smaller, simpler, heartfelt gifts. Let me tell ya, as a chronic gift giver, it was a struggle at first, but I was able to find some terrific sales, put more thought into what folks might like, did some baking, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

The leadup was relaxed, and the actual Christmas Day experience was sweet. I cooked dinner for the clan, and we really just enjoyed each other’s company.

Derek’s gift to the family was to set up a family website/sharing site on “facefeed” where we automatically can stay in touch with what we’re all doing, and by the afternoon, the folks in Seattle were viewing our photos, and vice versa. It was great!

In all, a different, much appreciated, special holiday!

We are very excited, as several FARTS including Andy, Morg, Kelley, Jeni, neo-FART Zeb and hopefully Jeremy, Sheena (?) and Peggy will be here for New Years, and boy, do I have plans!

We’d also like to welcome Corey and Michelle Hustein to our group; They are both XTERRA/Ironmen athletes, newly arrived to CDA from California, and are going to be hugely involved in Adventure Week 2009.

Thank you all for your love and support, and blessings to you and yours as we head into a very exciting 2009!


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