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Ironman Calgary, Aug 2, 2009

World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) announces an addition to the global Ironman 70.3 Event Series, Ironman 70.3 Calgary. This inaugural event will take place on August 2, 2009. Ironman 70.3 Calgary will offer 40 qualifying slots to the 2009 Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3. …


official website


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new JetBoil announced

Big improvements.


details and video

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Pleasantly Lost…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at “Adventure Sports Week Central!

Note the new name… we put in a bid for “,” and found out that for only $15,000 it could be ours… thus, after several milliseconds of thoughtful deliberation, we decided that another choice would have to do for our new, updated website.

The new website is located at, and while this only a temporary stop while our new “permanent, hi-tech, “not-old-school” (thanks, Rick…) site is finished, it has quite a bit of updated info, including the fact that we are now hosting 24 races in 10 days, including a kayak/canoeing race, a distance swim, a duathlon… yes, if you can dream it, we’ve got it. Please check out the website… BTW, it seems to work best at this point in Internet Explorer, though I’m working on fixing that for the seventeen MAC and Mozilla users out there…  🙂

I am fully in to winter training now – more than ever before – and I am really enjoying it. Over the past couple of weeks, we have gotten in several good snowshoeing treks, including a great 5 hour hike up to 6000 feet above Boulder Basin, in 10 feet of snow.

We’ve also managed to get in some good bike rides, and a few good runs, and even a winter “brick” this past weekend…

I’m starting to train at night for when Thomas calls me and says “hey, we need you at Primal Quest in two days…” so into the dark we go…

On Saturday, I got in a nice run, and then when Jeni arrived, we did a 90 minute bike ride, and then loaded up our snowshoes and headed up to Sandpoint, where we treked up Gold Hill, starting at dark.

We climbed to the summit in near perfect conditions: 26 degrees, no wind, clear as a bell. The view of Sandpoint and Schweitzer to the north, and even Mt. Spokane to the south was amazing! Clear, crisp and beautiful!

On the way back down, the trip got a bit more “interesting,” as we missed one of our tracks, and ended up heading down a snowmobile track southwest, instead of a snowshoe track northeast…

Well, in the spirit of adventure, and of not wanting to end up in Sagle, we headed “off-track,” and made our way into the bush, following the tracks of the moose, elk and deer, who assuredly knew the way back to the car, right?

Well, let me tell ya, animals obviously don’t drive.

Now, when you’re on a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides and you can see the North star, you’re not really lost, but we were for sure on paths that no human has walked since the last ice age or so, give or take a month…

To make a short story long, we ended up at the top of a near-vertical, 700 foot cliff. Now, supposed “right thinking” people would have back tracked, and followed the snow machine track until they found “civilization…” Ha! Pshaa!

Trail? We don’ need no steenking trail! The car was down there (WAY down there!), and with confidence born of years of training and a desire for dinner, we descended the “short way,” following the tracks of the increasingly fewer animals, hoping they weren’t Lemmings.

90 minutes later, we reached the road, less than a mile from the car, with nary a broken bone between us!

The next morning, we stacked a cord and a half of wood, did another 90 minute bike ride, and a 2.5 mile run before Jeni had to leave.

In the afternoon, I went XC skiing for the first time in 25 years or so. It’s amazing how much your body forgets, no matter what your brain tells you… it took a good 45 minutes to get the feeling and the flow back. I skiied for 2.5 hours, covering about 12 miles or so, and then snowshoed in to meet Corey, Michelle and their kids, who were winter camping at Farragut.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and yes, Thomas… I’m ready when you call!

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let’s climb Mt Shasta

In our spare time …

larger version – flickr – ExpressionOfJoy~Happy New Year

On Rick’s hiking site – climbing Mt Shasta, California

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Adlard wins 543mi Ultramarathon


Seems it was a 61 Year-Old Farmer, not Dave.


In 1983, Cliff Young, a 61 year-old farmer, showed up to race Australia’s toughest endurance race – 543.7 miles from Sydney to Melbourne – in overalls and work boots. …

Not only did he run it, but he won it and set a new record for the course. Because of Young’s upbringing on a sheep farm, his body was capable of running the 543.7 miles without stopping to sleep at all. So, while he “shuffled along” at a considerably slower pace than the pack, he had the advantage of not having to stop at all during the night to sleep. While the younger runners were sleeping, Young was shuffling right along to the finish line.

The race had always taken 5 days before Young, with runners sleeping for 6 hours a night. These days, runners have adopted the “Young Shuffle” because it’s thought to be more energy efficient and modern competitors do not sleep at all during the 543.7 mile race.

Sierra Blogging Post

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How a photo, a mirror, some friends and a vacation rental can change your life.

Imagine… Hawaii for our anniversary getaway, in a beautiful rental home… Our business was successful(ish), and we were pretty fit(ish), dazzling examples of humanity… life was good!


Then, on Sunday, reality came calling.


First, my beautiful wife photographed me on the beach. I looked, I dropped the camera in horror. No way did I look that bad! C’mon; I ran (sort of). I ate… oops… maybe that was part of it?


Back at the house I did the unthinkable, for any self respecting male: I looked in the mirror – sideways (gasp!) – and it was true! I was middle aged and out of shape!


We also weren’t pregnant, even after six years of trying.


That was our wakeup. Back home, we started changing our lives. We discovered “Adventure Racing,” and hardly knowing what it was, it became our vehicle back to health. “AR” is a team sport, so we talked eight friends into traipsing across the country by bike, kayak, and foot, using a compass to get there.


This last year was a mix of contrasts – both blessings and challenges: with the changing economy, our business turned south, leaving us without income, just as our fitness (and happiness!) improved. We embraced (at first, IN)voluntary simplicity, then remembered the “Maui Rules,” where the best things in life aren’t things. We went out less, but our friendships became deeper, as our true friends helped us through the trying times.


A year of training brought us to the Big Race: our team of ten in another rented home in Tahoe for an amazing week of competition and camaraderie. We won the race, and oh, we just found out that somewhere during our stay in our rental hideaway, we started something that nine months from now, will bless our lives even more.


We would love to be able to take our friends – our lifelines – for a vacation of a lifetime to beautiful Taos (, as thanks for being our lanterns in the dark times, for making our lives worth living, and for showing us what’s truly important.


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New Year’s FART Training!

On December 30, several of our FART teammates and future FARTS arrived at the North Pole in CDA for New Years, and some good training!

Kelley, Jeni, Morgen, Andy, Liz, and Zeb all made it through the lightly falling blizzard just as Dave finished his 3 hours of shoveling, and settled in for the New Year’s Eve festivities. Andy and Austin went up to Schweitzer for a magnificent day of skiing, and Jeni and Dave got out for a great bike ride.

On the 31st, we spent much of the day prepping for the party, except for a nice 4 mile run on the local “skating rink” we call a road. It was a stretch of black ice that the Detroit Red Wings would have been proud of! Andy and Jeni each had received new ‘Stabilicers” that are like little studded tires for your running shoes, and fared better than the rest of us, who would have preferred skates!

New Year’s Day dawned bright(ish) and clear(ish) and after the traditional “Dave Skillet,” Dave, Andy, Morgen, Jeni and Lizzie geared up for a day of outdoor adventure, while Lisa, Zeb and Kelley got ready to do the Loop.

Now, for our outdoor adventure, we didn’t choose just any trek… it was a balmy 29 degrees and just after noon as we headed out.

First we biked to Farragut from FARTquarters through 8 – 12 inches of new, soft snow on top of the black ice, which made for some interesting biking, let me tell you! It took over 30 minutes to ride the 4 miles (mostly downhill!) to the park, where we met up with Michelle and Corey Haustein, who are going to be a huge part of Adventure Week 2009, and are both Ironmen and XTERRA athletes.

After the biking, we had decided to do some snowshoeing, which was new to several members, but didn’t even slow them down!

We started out into the park using the established trails to begin with, and then making s cross-country hike to the head of the Highpoint trail.

It was very interesting to snowshoe along trails that we run and bike so often during the rest of the year: your normal landmarks are muted, and distances are thrown off, but the snow makes everything look like a real winter wonderland!

At the edge of the park, we decided to make our way to Scout rocks, which we had been to countless times on foot, but never in four to five feet of snow! We were warned that if we continued, there were no more directional signs, and no groomed trails, which suited us perfectly, and off we went.

Dave, Corey, Michelle, Morgen, Liz starting their snowshow leg

From left: Dave, Corey, Michelle, Morgen, Liz starting their snowshow leg

The trail, if you can call it that, is mostly uphill to the rocks for about 3/4 of a mile, and the fact that we were walking was more than made up for the fact that the snow laden branches were now at face level.

Once we got to the base of the rocks, we started our way up the near vertical cliff, covered in feet of snow, with crevasses, roots, and boulders hidden underneath! It was awesome!

After a fairly strenuous climb, we reached the summit, and paused for a few minutes to enjoy a Jet Boiled snack, just as the weather began to change for the worse… the weather report was warning us of an approaching cold front, with accompanying snow, and since darkness was just over an hour away, we decided that no matter how well we were prepared (and we all had substantial packs and safety gear), it was time to get off the mountain.

We dead reckoned our way off the mountain, eventually meeting up with our original trail, and making it back to the ranger station just as darkness arrived!

The FART Support team arrived shortly after, and except for being a bike rack short, all was good… Dave and Morgen volunteered to do the ride back home, and thankfully, it had been plowed, so it wasn’t a bad ride.

Dave cooked up a pasta and lamb chop dinner, the hot tub was on, and by 10:00 p.m., everyone was pretty much asleep!

This morning dawned snowy, with almost 12 inches having fallen, providing Andy and Austin another great day of skiing as the Missoula crew headed home, and Dave started shoveling!

With the weekend coming up, we hope to get in at least one more snowshoe day (hopefully with Lisa this time!) and Austin might get another ski trip.

All in all, a great weekend!

Michelle, Corey, Zeb and Liz will all be great assets for the FART and FARTlette teams next summer… Liz was the surprise of the weekend, as she really held her end up through a couple of tough outings!

Looking forward to getting out and doing some cc skiing as well as snowshoeing… might even combine it with biking, and make it a little winter triathlon next week!

Love having the team in town! I only wish the rest of you could have been here! Thanks to Jeni for the great photos!

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