How a photo, a mirror, some friends and a vacation rental can change your life.

Imagine… Hawaii for our anniversary getaway, in a beautiful rental home… Our business was successful(ish), and we were pretty fit(ish), dazzling examples of humanity… life was good!


Then, on Sunday, reality came calling.


First, my beautiful wife photographed me on the beach. I looked, I dropped the camera in horror. No way did I look that bad! C’mon; I ran (sort of). I ate… oops… maybe that was part of it?


Back at the house I did the unthinkable, for any self respecting male: I looked in the mirror – sideways (gasp!) – and it was true! I was middle aged and out of shape!


We also weren’t pregnant, even after six years of trying.


That was our wakeup. Back home, we started changing our lives. We discovered “Adventure Racing,” and hardly knowing what it was, it became our vehicle back to health. “AR” is a team sport, so we talked eight friends into traipsing across the country by bike, kayak, and foot, using a compass to get there.


This last year was a mix of contrasts – both blessings and challenges: with the changing economy, our business turned south, leaving us without income, just as our fitness (and happiness!) improved. We embraced (at first, IN)voluntary simplicity, then remembered the “Maui Rules,” where the best things in life aren’t things. We went out less, but our friendships became deeper, as our true friends helped us through the trying times.


A year of training brought us to the Big Race: our team of ten in another rented home in Tahoe for an amazing week of competition and camaraderie. We won the race, and oh, we just found out that somewhere during our stay in our rental hideaway, we started something that nine months from now, will bless our lives even more.


We would love to be able to take our friends – our lifelines – for a vacation of a lifetime to beautiful Taos (, as thanks for being our lanterns in the dark times, for making our lives worth living, and for showing us what’s truly important.



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5 responses to “How a photo, a mirror, some friends and a vacation rental can change your life.

  1. Lubomir Ivanov

    My vote is for Lisa and Dave ADLARD

  2. CB Photographer

    I second that vote for Dave Adlard.

    What an inspirational story!

  3. Ruth and Ivan Sandoz

    My vote is for Lisa and Dave ADLARD

  4. Suzanne Givens

    How true, how true. I guess we all need a good dose of visual reality. It is amazing how often we can blame the mirror for its twisted view of reality. For me, the eye opener is photos. They say the camera adds 10 lbs – okay, but can I truly explain the other 30? – maybe my camera has a wide ngle lens. Maybe I can take a page from your book and get out and get fit.

  5. Peter Wengert

    My voite is for Lisa and Dave Adlard and Tucker

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