Adlard wins 543mi Ultramarathon


Seems it was a 61 Year-Old Farmer, not Dave.


In 1983, Cliff Young, a 61 year-old farmer, showed up to race Australia’s toughest endurance race – 543.7 miles from Sydney to Melbourne – in overalls and work boots. …

Not only did he run it, but he won it and set a new record for the course. Because of Young’s upbringing on a sheep farm, his body was capable of running the 543.7 miles without stopping to sleep at all. So, while he “shuffled along” at a considerably slower pace than the pack, he had the advantage of not having to stop at all during the night to sleep. While the younger runners were sleeping, Young was shuffling right along to the finish line.

The race had always taken 5 days before Young, with runners sleeping for 6 hours a night. These days, runners have adopted the “Young Shuffle” because it’s thought to be more energy efficient and modern competitors do not sleep at all during the 543.7 mile race.

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  1. runneration

    Great story… reminds me of this guy David Goggins. He is the most insane endurance athlete, completely remarkable what he does. Check out his blog at

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