Dave and Lisa had a baby!

meet Delaney Rebecca

… Now lets talk about ME.

Rick McCharles has had an unusual training plan over the winter. Nine months of inactivity, bordering on coma.

This is an innovative strategy that would baffle even regeneration / recovery expert Dr. Bill Sands.

I call it hypo-negative-supra-minus-compensation. It’s the same tactic used by aspiring Everest mountaineers who sleep in submarines for acclimatization.

One day this training methodology – lets call it “lardosis” – will be as scientifically proven as Chi running.

After 9 months total rest, I busted out a few days hard training. Hiking, jiking, bouldering, trail running, dune slogging …


That should bring me back to 100% race fitness … assuming I lose 15lbs by Friday.

Certainly our fearless leader will assign me the FART role in Adventure Week 2009 that I rightly deserve.

See you there!

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One response to “Dave and Lisa had a baby!

  1. Dr. Jeni

    Thanks for the laugh this morning, Rick. Can’t wait to see you at ASW!

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