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Primal Quest Badlands – Team Nike OUT


I was shocked to see this headline on the official blog:

Robyn Benincasa and Team Nike Out of Primal Quest Badlands

… the withdrawl of defending PQ champs Nike. Last week, team captain Mike Kloser suffered a crash while mountain biking, which left him with a broken collarbone, a collapsed lung, and five broken ribs, and while he is already on the mend, the injuried will obviously keep him out of the race. The rest of Team Nike reluctantly decided to pull out of Primal Quest rather than look for a replacement on short notice. …

Robyn Benincasa and Team Nike Out of Primal Quest Badlands

Benincasa was captain of Team Merrell/Zanfel Adventure …

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introducing Greg Kolodziejzyk

Greg is a fast twitch, anaerobic gymnast … who somehow evolved to become an endurance sport Adventure athlete.

Just like many of us on this team.

Greg has several endurance sport websites. A good start is …


Adventures of Greg

You’ll see he has done many Ironman events, including Coeur d’Alene. Has world records for human powered vehicles. Plans to bicycle to Hawaii. And currently is training for the Sinister Seven, a 146km course through rugged, remote and beautiful Alberta Rocky Mountains. That’s 5,050m (15,150 feet) of elevation gain.

Good luck with that, Greg …

I mailed Greg an Adventure Week shirt today on behalf of our team. Perhaps one day we might hook up with him for a major adventure.

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Sheena got married

Sounds like the wedding went GREAT.


Sheena and Jeremy Mosier

Sheena and Jeremy Mosier

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toughest 100mi race in the world?

Have you heard of The Barkley Marathons?

… The Barkley Marathons is actually two races run on the same course, a 100 Mile Run and a 60 Mile Fun Run. It is held annually in Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee sometime in late March or early April.

The course itself, which has changed distance, route, and elevation many times since its inaugural run in 1986, currently consists of a 20-mile (32 km) loop with no aid stations except water at two points along the route and the runner’s parked car at the beginning of the loop.

Runners of the 100 Mile version run this loop five times, with loops three and four being run in the opposite direction and loop five being runner’s choice. Runners of the 60 Mile Fun Run (considered to be harder than Hardrock) complete three circuits of the loop.

With 54,200 feet (16,500 m) of accumulated vertical climb, the 100 Mile Run is considered to be one of the more challenging ultramarathons held in the United States, if not the world.

Only 8 runners have ever finished within the 60hr cut-off. The record is currently held by Andrew Thompson who finished in 57:37. (In 2005 he set the current speed record for the Appalachian Trail, 2160 miles in 47 days + 13:31.)

I just listened to the most amazing podcast. It vividly recounts a near success from Neal Jamison’s book – Running Through the Wall … Personal Encounters With the Ultramarathon.

Click through to listen to it on Endurance Planet:

Breakaway Friday: The Marathon No One Could Finish

If you want to run The Barcley yourself, here’s the official website: The Barkley Marathons – 100 Mile Run


photo – Washington Post – Punishing Race Is an Enticing Lost Cause

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video – Adventure Sports Week 2009

I put together a 2.5min video with a few clips from the 25 races at Adventure Sports Week 2009.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Team F.A.R.T. 6th overall ASW

Our team completed their longest race ever (over 2 days) and finished uninjured, still smiling, at our own event, Adventure Sports Week 2009.

Congratulations: Andy, Jeni, Chris Baker and Dannelle Ballengee . For most of the 2nd day, Dave raced as a 5th FART.

Team Nike Beaver-Creek was the overall winner (all teams of any configuration), only 1 point ahead of Team Life Cycle. Certainly either could have been declared the winner. It’s virtually a tie.

official race t-shirt

official race t-shirt

Rick’s photos of all 25 Adventure Races over 2 weekends.

Hey, FART girl Sheena Steacy is getting married really, really soon.

On behalf of the FARTs, Dave is sending 2 of the ARW t-shirts as a wedding present on behalf of the team. Sheena and her full-time support crew hubby, Jeremy Mosier, can wear them together. (One of those newly wed couples wearing the same shirt that we all snicker at.)

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Adventure Sports Week PRESS

A few articles:

The race course at Farragut State Park in Athol, Idaho is beautiful. Between the cool clear waters of Lake Pend Oreille (read: cold) and the loamy, fast singletrack in the trees, this venue really showcases the beauty of nature in the Northwest. …

Racergirl Melanie McQuaid 3 Time Xterra World Champion – XTERRA NW Cup – Farragut Equals Four

This extravaganza that comes just a couple of weeks before Ironman in Coeur d’Alene, kicked off today with the Gauntlet. A short course Triathlon …

Bay Views – Adventure Sports Week

… The venue at Farragut State Park was unanimously approved as being one of the prettiest, most pristine, and incredibly beautiful places on earth …

1 Dan Hugo 23 Stellenbosch, South Africa 2:25:32 100 $1,800
2 Nico Lebrun 35 Digne, France 2:29:38 90 $1,250
3 Seth Wealing 30 Boulder, Colorado 2:31:20 82 $800

1 Melanie McQuaid 35 Victoria, B.C., Canada 2:51:10 100 $1,800
2 Danelle Kabush 34 Canmore, Alberta, Canada 2:52:50 90 $1,250
3 Christine Jeffrey 36 Guelph, Ontario, Canada 2:55:46 82 $800

XterraPlanet – Dan Hugo finally gets his, Melanie McQuaid stays perfect at XTERRA Northwest Cup in Idaho

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