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One Good Day!

Hi, all!

El Capitan back with you, hoping that you’re all getting in some good training! Spring is right around the corner I think, despite what the weather here at FARTquarters is.

Here’s a correction on our last post, BTW: Andy wanted me to mention that we also did a 38 mile bike ride the day before we did our Bernard Peak snowshoe… I mean, what’s wrong with me, after all?

For those who may not have heard, I’m taking a 15 week Mountain School through the Spokane Mountaineers, and it’s been an awesome experience so far. Our first outdoor evolution is in two weeks, and I’m psyched. Jeni and I joined a few others for a snowshoe up Mt. Spokane last week as a precursor to our other workouts.

Speaking of workouts, we decided to really push ourselves this weekend, and I think we succeeded…

Our day started at 7:50 a.m, at Spokane Falls Community College, which is along the Bloomsday route at about mile 4. We parked the car and bikes there, and ran the 7ish mile Bloomsday course as a warm-up, then we jumped on our bikes and rode to Nine Mile (through some serious ice and snow). Next, we jumped on the Centennial Trail, and rode back to Arbor Crest Winery, a distance of about 30 miles. BTW, the last .8 of a mile up to the winery is NASTY… 15% average grade.

At the top, we parked the bikes and ran 4.4 miles on the bluff, and then ran down the nasty hill and back up, which was a real challenge.

After a short pause for lunch at the winery, we were back on our bikes heading north toward Green Bluff, about 14 miles away. I’d forgotten how big the hill is going up to Green Bluff, but yes, it was noticeable, to say the least. My guess is about 1.5 miles.

We ran an additional 4 miles in the hills on the Bluff, and then headed back toward town into a 25 mph howling wind, accompanied by sleet and freezing rain! Awesome!

We rode back to the college, and then for kicks and giggles, ran down to the river, and did Doomsday Hill not once, but twice, before running back up to the college.

Totals: 60 pretty tough miles on the bikes, a little over 20 miles running with some great hills, and about 10:30 moving time.

In all, a pretty good kick in the pants!

Physically, we both felt pretty good the morning after, which I hope indicates that we are getting in race shape.

We’re heading out to do some rappelling on Wednesday, and hope to get some more good work in this week as well.

Hope everyone is getting out and doing some training… we are heading over to Montana to scout out the Grizzlyman terrain a bit this next week… you’re all welcome!

Don’t forget to put Adventure Sports Week on your calendars… it’s coming quick, and we would love everyones help to spread the word!

See you soon!




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iRule race apparel – $325

Thomas Bastis is an expert A.R. racer. He led our pre-race kayak clinic.

Thomas is also an elite athlete rep for a new line of Adventure Racing togs from New Zealand. We tried on some of his gear at Ocean Blue.

Good stuff. Not cheap. The best “deal” would be if we make 4 or more orders for a “full set”. (shorts, top, vest. AND bonus extra shorts = $325 including all taxes and shipping to your door) Email Rick. Or call him c/o Dave if you want to join in this order.

Motu – (men’s shorts) see sample
Rants – (women’s shorts) – see sample

Toro (men’s short sleeved top) – see sample
Juno (women’s short sleeved top) – see sample

Invest (men’s sleeveless tops) – see sample

Morgen and I are interested in getting a full set of shorts, top and vest. If 2 more racers want to join in, we will have 4 full sets. They have a promotion for orders for “teams of 4 or more” that ONE additional item will be thrown in for free:

Ninja shorts (training shorts) – see sample

irule shop


Turns out he could not throw in 2 smaller items on the team of 4 deal:

Body glide – (helps guard against friction) – see sample

Troppo (sweat bandana made from Merino wool) – see sample

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how best to monitor our training?

Our FART website — — will send you an email notice every time something new is posted.

Andy asks, “How do I post my training schedule?”

Good question.

(Though that would bring uncomfortable attention to those team-mates who are slacking off. Remember, Andy … The F in FART stands for FUN.)

demotivational posters –

My suggestion would be to something like a free GOOGLE DOCS spreadsheet embedded in our website. Also their calendar and perhaps some of the other Google on-line collaboration suite applications.

We could use Microsoft Office Live instead, except that it requires “Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later running on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Microsoft Windows Server 2003.” And I am on Mac.

What do you think, Dr. Jeni?

You track your own training. Could we email EXCEL data to someone central? (EXCEL is a fine Microsoft product, by the way.)

Other options?

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