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Adventure Week 2009 has a venue!

Well, unofficially, we’ve had a venue for a while, but as of yesterday, it’s official! We had a 4 hour meeting with Ranger Randall, the head of Farragut State Park, just north of Coeur d’Alene, and went over the entire June 5 – 14 Adventure Week 2009 schedule, event by event, and have almost all the kinks worked out!

It was a great meeting, and we were able to address lots of the details needed to run as complex as Adventure Week! It’s the little stuff like parking, proctors, sanitation and trash, marshalls, signage etc that make the event a success, and we’ve got a really good handle on ’em!

We actually sat down and drew out the maps of all the races, plotted paths, traffic flow etc. We might be out with the rangers and actually create a new path that will join two major park routes, and the result will be a much smoother transistion for a couple of the races.

We did decide on doing a “lap” race for the Deepwater Trail run, which will make the logistics easier with the aid stations and for the corporate relays.

The XTERRA-Farragut course and the ‘Mad Dash” Mountain Bike race courses are fast and fun, and the Adventure Race courses are “robust,” and should provide some exciting, challenging racing!

Anyway, we’ll have more over the next couple of weeks, but for now, we are really cruising!

Hope you’ll all join us! Check out www.adventureweek2009.com for more information on what is shaping up to be one of the country’s best outdoor festivals!


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