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Christmas Turkey dinner training

Knowing I could not hold my extremely high fitness level through until September, I opted to get obese during the holidays. Then build up again in the new year.

Feast / Famine training theory, I call it.


Expecting to get some serious jikes and bikes in January.


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Primal Quest Montana starts June 21, 2008

Might be FUN to watch part of this race:

Primal Quest Montana, the “World’s Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition.” In less than 7 months you will gather at the starting line with many of the world’s finest adventure racers and set out to compete in an epic adventure. …


Primal Quest – official website

(via The Adventure Blog)

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So Much for the Heat

Feeling a little guilty training in the sun two weeks ago, I went for my first real cold winter run.  It was 18 degrees this Saturday morning, but sunny and very little wind.  I saddle up a 5lb backpack and headed out for 9.18 miles.  I can honestly say my hands were so cold they hurt.  I ran the first two miles with my hands in my pockets until things warmed up.  All in all it was a very satisfying run through the trails and I ended  up with icicles on my ears.  Here is what my chart looked like, I am showing heart rate, speed and elevation along with each mile details.  It’s pretty cool to see how your pace and heart rate vary on the hills.  This was a slower run for me than in the warmth with no pack and no snow and ice on a trail. (click on the picture to see the whole chart).

 Andy’s run on 12/1/07

On Friday, I played hockey for the first time in 2 weeks and my legs were definitely stronger.  I was very happy and surprised.

On Thursday I woke up at 5:30 am and did yoga at 6:00 am and then did a spin class at 6:00 PM.  Spining is excellent training if you can’t ride outside.  It is 45 minutes of constant pushing.  I did 10 miles in that time and my average heart rate was 153 bpm and my max was 173 bpm.  With the spin bike you can really simulate the hills when you crank down that wheel.  I didn’t realize how much water I lost, but my % body fat which is normally between 10 & 13% depending on time of day rose to 17% which was an immediate indicator to me that I was dehydrated.  I drank before I went to bed and woke up two more times in the middle of the night to hydrate.  By the morning, I was back in range.  Just a heads up when we hit the heat on those mountain climbs.

 I went to my doc/accupuncturist on Tuesday and he worked on my ankle.  He asked me to stay off it for 24hrs, which was very difficult, so I didn’t workout on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Monday I did a 5k on my treadmill and some weights.

Bottom line, I am going to push some more time on the bike and then start putting some bricks together.  With the teams support, I think I could do this race today.  Now its time to start getting the right equipment.  Can’t wait to see everyone in two weeks and start learning more about the course and our tactics.


P.S. Lauren did well at her first meet.  I’ll give you details later.

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